There is 8 beats count in. Only start playing after 8 beats when the track comes in.

Please Submit all videos of yourself playing by Tuesday at the latest!!!!

You can download All through the night Play along or use the player at the top of this page.

To make a video. Use a device to play the Play along track into some headphones. Use another device with a camera to video your self playing along.

TIP, it might be easier playing with only one ear with a headphone in.

Set the video to record and then when ready click, play, on the play-along track and play along. When finished, click stop on the video recording. The video will be edited so don’t worry if there is a gap at the start and end.

Next, email your video to If the file is too large, WeTransfer is a trusted site to transfer the file.

If this isn’t possible or you just can’t work out how to do it, Facebook message the video to me.

Please only have one person playing on a video otherwise it makes it very difficult to edit each part.