The People’s Mission is a free evangelical church situated at the Lawe Top in South Shields.

We have a membership of approximately 40 adults and come together for services on a Sunday at 11.00 and 6.00pm as well as many different meetings throughout the week.

We hold our Communion Services on the evening of the first Sunday in the month and the morning of the third Sunday in the month.

Our meetings are attended by people from not just the Lawe Top area but from throughout South Tyneside and a warm welcome is given to all who would like to join with us in worship.


Visit our What We Believe page to understand more about what we believe in.


A Brief History of the People’s Mission

The People’s Mission is a free evangelical church situated at the Lawe Top in South Shields.


Official opening of the Mission in Wellington Street – Easter Sunday April 17th 1892

12th April 1893      

Ten trustees appointed

12th April  1893     

Annual meeting of members established a young men’s class, a Christian Endeavour society and a Mission band.


Mr George Bowman – one of the founders and a trustee appointed  as secretary and as Sunday School superintendent.  He held both appointments until his death in 1932. The Mission, belonging to the people, was often referred to as “Bowman’s Mission.”

In those early days, whole families joined the Mission, leaving no doubt of their personal commitment and testimony to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which was instrumental in building up the fellowship.


The League of Prayer began weekly meetings (now ceased)


From its beginning, the band held open air services in the area. The Silver Band – as we know it today – was founded.

These groups are still referred to as “auxiliaries”.

3rd October 1900      

Approved that from the first Sunday in November – and then monthly – the sacrament of The Lord’s Supper would be observed.

The Mission continued to expand and develop : infant baptism was introduced, initially for members’ children; a choir was formed.

9th October  1912      

New building “Lady’s Walk Infant School” opened to help accommodate the growing congregation.

12th April   1916     

Unfurling of silk banner to be used in Good Friday Procession of Witness to The Market Place organised by the local Sunday School Union.

23rd May 1917      

Title deeds of Mission presented showing that the Mission was free of debt


Women’s Own commenced

After World War Two, slum clearance necessitated that the Mission move to other premises- an ex-Wesleyan Methodist Church in Fort Street, which the fellowship has occupied since 1949.


Mission becomes registered for marriages

April 1974     

The Committee, which had been responsible for some years, was dissolved and elders were appointed for the oversight of the spiritual work of the Mission

In later years, Breaking of Bread services which had lapsed, were re-introduced. A baptistery was built for the total immersion of believers. Boys and Girls Brigades were introduced.


We are served by visiting preachers and members of our own fellowship.

Sunday                11am and 6pm

Sunday                11am Sunday School

Monday               Children’s meeting : Klik and HUB

                              Ladies’ Fellowship (monthly)

                              Prayer meeting

Tuesday               Ladies’ Bible Study

                              Home Group

Wednesday         Church Bible Study

                              Lunch Club (fortnightly)

Thursday             Parent and Toddlers

Friday                  Band Practice


We have meetings at other times to support charities and special times for Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

The purpose of all our gatherings is to present the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to see souls saved. As a fellowship, as we always have done, we rely upon God our Father for wisdom and grace – he has brought us this far and we look to Him to guide us in the future. We praise Him for all that is past and trust him for all that’s to come.